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H&M Foundation accelerates solutions towards a socially inclusive and planet positive textile industry. We use philanthropic resources to fund vital research and breakthrough innovation, develop powerful partnerships and create inspiring storytelling that shifts narratives.


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reProLeather regenerating bio-based leather from leather waste

Traditional recycled leather is produced by combining shredded scraps and residual fibers of real leather with synthetic, non-biodegradable binders like PU and PVC. In contrast, the reProLeather project has pioneered a new approach. The technology developed by The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (HKRITA) with the support of H&M Foundation, employs bio-based binders and eco-friendly chemicals.
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Learnings from global programme taken to next level

During 2017-2022, H&M Foundation and its partner WaterAid reached over 400,000 people with water, sanitation and hygiene as part of our Global Programme for water. The SusWASH programme was a great success, also for WaterAid who’s captured its learnings in a global learning report (2022) and policy and practice brief (2022), which are being used in a number of ways in their work going forward.
H&M Foundation provides $100,000 in emergency relief after Ukraine dam collapse According to reports from Ukrainian authorities and aid workers, the destructive consequences of the dam collapse are intensifying. As a result, more villages and towns in Kherson oblast are being flooded, causing significant damage to homes and civilian infrastructure. The number of affected individuals, currently estimated at 17,000, is expected to rise to nearly 40,000 as water levels continue to rise.
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H&M Foundation provides USD 100,000 in emergency relief after Ukraine dam collapse

On June 6, the dam of the Nova Kakhovka hydroelectric power station in south Ukraine was destroyed, leading to severe flooding in downstream settlements in Kherson oblast. The destruction has left tens of thousands of people in a dire humanitarian situation, with their homes and livelihoods at risk. The H&M Foundation supports the Red Cross in their work to provide immediate relief, including shelter, food, clean water, and other essential support to those impacted by the disaster.

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To safeguard the welfare of humanity our mission is to catalyse the fashion industry to become planet positive and to accelerate the development for inclusive societies. In 2020, we changed our strategy to throw fewer pebbles but make bigger waves by working in complex ecosystems to create long-lasting change from the ground up. For real impact, we openly share our new ideas, insights and practices to inspire others to replicate and scale.