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We believe communication in itself can spark action. Inspiring stories can help to change mindsets of what is possible and by sharing our learnings and practices to others, we can accelerate change in the right direction and reach relevant target groups.

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GCA launch 2016
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€1 million grant to pioneering ideas closing the loop for fashion

On August 25, the H&M Foundation launched the first ever Global Change Award − one of the world’s biggest challenges for early stage innovation and the first such initiative in the fashion industry. By catalysing green, truly ground-breaking ideas the aim of the challenge is to protect the earth’s natural resources by closing the loop for fashion.
Class room which is part of our program with UNICEF
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Unicoin – the first currency dedicated to do good

The H&M Foundation in support of UNICEF presented a new currency to the world – the Unicoin. The initiative aimed to enable children to support the right for other children around the world to access learning opportunities from an early age. The only way to get hold of a Unicoin was to exchange a drawing at a campaign site. And the only way to spend it is on educational supplies.