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Class room which is part of our program with UNICEF
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Unicoin – the first currency dedicated to do good

The H&M Foundation in support of UNICEF presented a new currency to the world – the Unicoin. The initiative aimed to enable children to support the right for other children around the world to access learning opportunities from an early age. The only way to get hold of a Unicoin was to exchange a drawing at a campaign site. And the only way to spend it is on educational supplies.
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H&M customers help to empower women in Ethiopia

With the help from H&M customers around the globe, a donation of SEK 20 million will reach 5,000 poor women in Ethiopia. During the holidays H&M customers engaged in the cause of empowering Ethiopian women by buying sets of holiday gift labels. For each set of gift labels bought by an H&M customer the H&M Foundation made a donation to the global humanitarian organization CARE.