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“I can finally start to build my future”

Wafaa is one of 3,000 refugees in Germany who got access to quality higher education online through our project with Kiron Open Higher Education. For refugees arriving in a new country, the process of seeking asylum can take years, a time where most can’t do anything but wait. They can’t work, study or start building new lives in their new country. And even though many are motivated to continue or begin their education, they are hindered by things like asylum processes, language barriers, missing legal documents or financing. Kiron offers the opportunity to start studying irrespective of location or asylum status.
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Yuliana is starting to believe in herself

After 60 years of armed conflict, the new generations of Colombia still suffer from a culture of violence. Yuliana and her friends learn about peace through play, acting, visual arts, music, games and more through the project the Peace Circus, a collaboration between H&M Foundation and War Child.
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“The new toilets brought hope”

11 year old Mossammad is one of the students in nine different schools in Banglabazaar outside of Dhaka, who are provided with proper toilets and clean water through the H&M Foundation’s joint project with WaterAid. So far, almost 10,000 people have been reached with improved access to sustainable water, toilets and hygiene (WASH) facilities. As part of the work, nine schools have improved their water and sanitation facilities.
A father and his child
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Brain boosting baby talk for dads

During the first years of a baby’s life, their brain forms new connections at the amazing rate of 1,000 per second. Research shows that when we speak slower, more melodically and make exaggerated sounds it makes it easier for babies to learn new words and develop cognitive abilities. However, research has also shown that many fathers don’t interact with their babies in the same way as mothers do. In a global campaign with UNICEF, we urged fathers to speak baby talk to boost their babies brains. The initiative encouraged dads to interact more with their babies at an early age.