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“The new toilets brought hope”

11 year old Mossammad is one of the students in nine different schools in Banglabazaar outside of Dhaka, who are provided with proper toilets and clean water through the H&M Foundation’s joint project with WaterAid. So far, almost 10,000 people have been reached with improved access to sustainable water, toilets and hygiene (WASH) facilities. As part of the work, nine schools have improved their water and sanitation facilities.

In Bangladesh, outside of Dhaka, we find low income community Banglabazaar, hosting around 100,000 residents. The living conditions here are poor, especially in relation to water, sanitation and hygiene. Through the H&M Foundation’s joint project with WaterAid we are improving the sanitation situation for the residents. As a result, life has changed for many, for example the students in nine different schools in this area.

11 year old student Mosammad who attends one of the schools used to miss classes sometimes when standing in line to use the toilet. Before, 312 students were sharing one toilet and even worse, this only toilet was broken and overflowed so it was dirty all the time.

“We could not sit inside the latrine for more than a few minutes because of the bad smell and flies. It made the whole environment of our school gloomy and many students got sick. The new toilets brought hope for us. There is no bad smell coming from the toilets anymore.”

— Mosammad, student at ATM Anowar Model School, Banglabazaar, Bangladesh

A water point was also installed in the school, which immediately improved the health of the students.

“The water is clean and tasty now. We never get sick after drinking this water and there is no bad smell from it. I am healthier because I drink a lot of water during the school time and my parents don’t need to worry about my health all the time. I don’t have to miss my classes for sickness or using the latrine”, Mosammad says.