Five disruptive innovations awarded

Global Change Award winners 2020 - group shot

In April 2020, we proudly announced our new winners of the Global Change Award. Due to the global pandemic, we too had to make adjustments to make sure we support our winners in the best way possible.

Global Change Award winners 2020 - group shot

When the Global Change Award, called the Nobel Prize of sustainable fashion, turned five years old, we celebrated our five new winners:

Due to COVID-19, we had to cancel the renowned prize ceremony and summit, which used to gather key people from the fashion industry globally to discuss innovation, sustainability and to meet and celebrate our new and past winners.

Digital sessions bring value

Our year-long Innovation Accelerator Program which usually includes study trips to Hong Kong, New York and Stockholm, had to be done digitally instead. Though we still believe the physical meeting is matchless to build relationships and discuss creatively, we realised that our new digital Accelerator Program had many benefits. We now have weekly Accelerator sessions, inviting guests and speakers from all over the world. Apart from our new winners, we also invite our alumni and we almost have 100% attendance every time.

Reinventing the fashion industry

What has happened in five years time with the Global Change Award? Hear what some of our friends say.

In five years, the Global Change Award has turned into a global ecosystem of change driving the fashion industry towards a sustainable future.

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Global Change Award winners 2020 - group shot

Innovations that will transform the fashion industry awarded €1 million

From lab-grown cotton and creating fabrics from protein DNA, to tracking sustainable fibres by using blockchain technology, wastewater separation and converting carbon dioxide into sustainable polyester. These are the five winning innovations of the 2020 Global Change Award. Global Change Award, named the Nobel Prize of sustainable fashion, is the non-profit H&M Foundation’s fifth annual innovation challenge. Now, more than ever, H&M Foundation want to continue to support long-term development, innovation and entrepreneurship for a sustainable future. The goal is to identify early stage, disruptive ideas that can make fashion more sustainable, and to scale them to transform the entire fashion industry.