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Introducing Shawn Westcott

The new GCA strategy lead wants to push ground-breaking innovations out of the lab.

From activist to political advisor to impact investor. Shawn Westcott heads up the Global Change Award 2023.

What drew you to the H&M Foundation?

“It’s a well-known platform, in an industry that has very clear needs for innovation. It’s a wonderful opportunity to work with innovators, with partners, and with stakeholders to create lasting change in this very large space.”

How do you envision the GCA’s future?

“I want to focus everything we do toward implementing and scaling the amazing work of our innovators and partners as quickly as possible, and with a sense of urgency.

I want the GCA to make even more introductions within the industry as well as outside the industry. I also want to increase the support of our alumni beyond the first year to ensure we see their success come to fruition.

Ideally, I would like to see the GCA working closer with investors and industry partners, as well as tapping into more strategic partners in the supply and value chains. This can enable the GCA to become even better at meeting the needs of the industry and aligning its needs with the latest innovations and those from previous cycles.”

One innovation you wish to see in the future?

“Right now, I’m interested in end-of-life measures and smarter recycling and upcycling systems. In addition to materials, I’m excited about tech solutions like AI-driven sorting and using big data to capture our textile waste problem. The innovations are taking hold, and finding solutions to these huge problems is incredibly exciting. At the same time, to choose just one innovation is quite hard. Our GCA innovators are doing amazing things that I wouldn’t have even thought about before.”