The power to catalyse

Can a relatively small staffed non-profit foundation headquartered in Stockholm really catalyze change to help realize the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030? The answer is yes. And it may well be that agile non-profit foundations are perfectly positioned to be changemakers.

lab image

A non-competitive foundation can create agile ecosystems of individuals, organisations, businesses, and academia sharing a mutual goal and drive transformation in different and powerful ways compared to commercial entities and large institutions. They usually don’t have an incentive to invest in exploratory solutions that may not pan out.

We however, can absorb the risk that comes with disruptive methods and solutions within our areas Planet Positive and Inclusive Societies. We can invest in agile research and projects where beta versions are continuously released and tested. This method is much faster than the traditional way of working.

The most important thing to make change happen is the scale and speed at which our findings are operationalised by others. That’s why we accelerate innovation through cross sectoral collaborations, co-create and provide solutions, for free, to anyone who wants to adopt and scale.

Being impatient visionaries, our role is to never settle, challenge the comfortable and look outside the box for new ways to help realise the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

We might be small, but our ideas are big.