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If we want change at scale, doing good is not enough. It’s our strong belief that transparency is about giving back. Making everything we learn and create available to those with the power to scale can fast-track the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

At the H&M Foundation we have a systems change mindset in how we work. When we, together with our broad ecosystem of partners, crack the code of a social or environmental challenge, the next question is “Who can take this, apply it and grow it on a broad scale?”.

A key goal for us is to make sure innovation and new approaches are not just visionary but also relevant and put into practice. Only then can we create real impact. Connecting with those scale makers is crucial and part of our plan from scratch, otherwise we would just end up with pretty prototypes.

We prototype together, try, fail, learn, and try again.

Everything is not rosy. There are always challenges and failures because let’s face it – systems change is not easy. However, we don’t fear imperfection, that’s how we learn and it helps shape a successful way forward. We prototype together, try, fail, learn, and try again until we find that innovation or approach with the potential to change the game. We believe that in the long run, this will prove itself to be the most cost-efficient and impactful approach to improving lives and safeguard the planet, and our best bet to reach the Global Goals 2030.

As we go along, our most interesting findings and lessons, good and bad, are transparently shared here on our website and in our social channels. Hopefully this can inspire and help others.

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a About us

The H&M Foundation is a non-profit foundation for public good, privately funded by the Stefan Persson family, founders and main owners of the H&M Group. We work to fast-track the achievements of the UN Sustainable Development goals by 2030, to safeguard humanity and our planet.