Our story

At the non-profit H&M Foundation, we use philanthropic resources to find, fund and facilitate disruptive innovations, initiatives and research that enable a socially inclusive and planet positive textile industry.

The H&M Foundation is privately funded by the Stefan Persson family, founders and main owners of the H&M Group. We’re a separate legal entity from the H&M Group, with our own board, team and strategy, but sprung from our entrepreneurial heritage, it is in our core to disrupt traditional systems through unexpected collaborations.

”When my grandfather, Erling Persson, founded H&M in 1947, it was with a long-term perspective and with strong values. This philosophy was passed on to my father, Stefan Persson. His message to me growing up was that our family can, and should, also contribute to positive change beyond the company sphere. The H&M Foundation is a long-term commitment from my family and the work has just begun.”

Karl-Johan Persson, board member of H&M Foundation

We believe that change is best achieved when a diverse group of people join forces and commit to a common agenda to solve complex challenges. For us, that means creating agile ecosystems of individuals, organizations, businesses, and academia sharing a mutual goal. We prototype together, try, fail, learn, and try again until solutions with the power to make a difference in the world can be shared and scaled.

Since 2013, the family has donated SEK 1.7 billion ($219 million) to the H&M Foundation.

Stefan Persson and Karl-Johan Persson
Stefan Persson, Founder H&M Foundation and Karl-Johan Persson, Board member H&M Foundation and Chairman H&M Group.

a About us

H&M Foundation accelerates solutions towards a socially inclusive and planet positive textile industry. We use philanthropic resources to fund vital research and breakthrough innovation, develop powerful partnerships and create inspiring storytelling that shifts narratives.