Since 2013, the H&M Foundation has worked as a catalyst for positive change focusing on equality, planet, water and education across the world. We have collaborated with skilled partners and learnt a lot along the way

Our journey has been full of learnings and eventually it took us to a new crossroad. In 2021 we launched our new strategy, focusing on less projects but with the aim to change systems from the ground up through innovation and collaboration. We believe this is the way to reach long-term change.

Below, we have gathered some of our highlights throughout the years, scroll down and enjoy the ride.


“Nobody takes innovation seriously until you scale.”

— Edwin Keh, CEO of HKRITA


Women's daily enterprise earnings increased by 91% and 33% more women took up leadership positions, thanks to our Global Program with CARE. Almost 270,000 women have been supported since 2014.

1500000000 SEK

Since 2013, the Persson family has donated 1.5 billion Swedish krona ($200 million/€163 million) to the H&M Foundation.

1.7 million

During 2019, 1.7 million people were directly reached by our initiatives within our focus areas Education, Water and Equality.

“Our partnership has radically increased the possibilities of thousands of Cambodian girls to stay in school and create a strong foundation for themselves as well as for future generations."

— Mariann Eriksson, PLAN International

"We hope this event will strengthen our belief that empowered refugees can thrive, not just survive."

— Melissa Fleming, UNHCR about Tedx KakumaCamp

+ 150000 people

"The Global Program for Water will in itself reach over 150,000 people directly, but even more important is its impact. It contributes to sustainable services and systems that will be able to reach millions more people over time," Cecilia Martinsen-Chatterjee, Chief Executive of WaterAid Sweden.

"This is a breakthrough for the whole fashion industry. These very encouraging findings on the separation and recycling of textile blends has the potential to change the game."

— Karl-Johan Persson, board member of H&M Foundation and chairman H&M Group

“The H&M Foundation were bold, they agreed to take a risk and they weren’t looking to invest in a ready-made recipe.”

— Pia Rebello Britto, Representative UNICEF

“We aim to advance the strategic business growth of the five Global Change Award winners by guiding and coaching them through the Innovation Accelerator to develop their ideas further.”

— Jennie Perzon, Strategy Program Lead at Accenture

“We commend the H&M Foundation for their commitment to assisting the marginalised and for working towards an equal society.”

— Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

"I am confident that with H&M Foundation's commitment and global reach these efforts will promote many important initiatives. We can indeed be the generation that ends poverty and protects the earth's ecosystems and biodiversity.”

— Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs, twice named as one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential World Leaders


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