Raising the bar

The time for discussion has passed. Now is the time for action. With less than ten years to solve the global challenges to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all, we all must step up. We therefore revised our strategy in 2020 and are initiating projects focusing on reaching a planet positive fashion future and creating inclusive societies for all. By using new methods, innovations as well as sharing our journey openly, we believe we can reach long-term change faster.

Jonah from Green Nettle, winner in Global Change Award

Our joint efforts will determine what state of a planet we hand over to future generations. The situation is urgent, but we are impatient visionaries and believe positive change is still possible. It must be.

Although there is progress in many areas, it’s clear it’s not enough. As a private non-profit foundation, we are in the position to take risks that many commercial businesses or publicly funded NGOs can’t. We can try new methods, only to find out it didn’t give the impact needed and then try something different. It’s a learning process, developing and improving our work.

We are looking for new ways to accelerate the change, and our learnings, mistakes and insights will be shared along the way. Because we believe that change can only be made in collaboration with others.
The roadmap of how to reach our goals is still blurry. But we don’t have time to sit around waiting for a map, instead we are drawing the paths as we go.

Inclusive societies for all

We like fast results. However, to change how social systems are designed and sustained, for female textile workers or waste pickers in Asia for example, perseverance is a virtue. Moving away from quick results existing in siloes, to more complex, long-term systems change that don’t necessarily give fast results, demands a change of mindset. And a different funding strategy.

By coming together, addressing problems holistically and breaking barriers for innovative solutions, it will result in long-term impact at a scale beyond what any one actor could achieve on their own. But it’s no easy feat. It starts with us donors; asking for something new, funding differently and wanting to invest in cross-sector collaborations. Only then, can we achieve inclusive societies for all.

A planet positive fashion future

Inclusive and thriving societies need a healthy planet. Our vision is to support the transition to a planet positive fashion industry and contribute to a resilient planet where humanity can thrive. However, what a planet positive fashion future looks like is yet to be discovered. What goals need to be set? What systems must change? No one knows, but we have set our ambition and have started working towards it. We will find a way.

While the fashion industry is now addressing circularity and somewhat biodiversity, it can’t get too comfortable there. The planet is more complex than that. We are now focusing our work on the five planetary boundaries: climate, biodiversity, land, ocean and water. They all impact each other. If one area is under threat, other ones will be affected too.

And while nature’s resources are fixed, the population is not, and the global middle class keeps growing. These people are naturally aspiring the same lifestyles as we have enjoyed for a long time. We would do the same. The consumption growth is real, therefore we can’t work to merely reduce our negative footprint, or even neutralising it – instead we need to make sure to increase nature’s resources in everything we do. This is the essence of our planet positive strategy.

Communication as a change maker

An important pillar of our work is our belief that communication in itself can be a change maker and spark action. By communicating inspiring stories, we can help changing mindsets of what’s possible. It can contribute to changes in beliefs, attitudes and behaviours, and even rules, regulations and policies.  In the end, we hope that our work will contribute to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030.

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