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To help safeguard the welfare of humanity the H&M Foundation is catalysing the fashion industry to become planet positive and accelerating development for inclusive societies.

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Results from the Holiday Gift Card Campaign

The Gift Card Holiday campaign 2015 is now completed and thanks to our customers, the donation amounted to a total of €4,9 million. This donation from the H&M Conscious Foundation will go to a program run by UNICEF and will benefit 480,000 marginalized and vulnerable children, aged 5-14 in Myanmar. These children will get increased access to school and improved quality of education.
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Currency fueled by children’s imagination creates worldwide engagement

Since the new virtual currency, Unicoin, was launched by UNICEF and H&M Foundation, children from every corner of the globe* have exchanged their drawings for Unicoins to support children’s right to learn and develop from an early age. H&M Foundation matches exchanged drawings with educational material, which UNICEF then hands out to the most vulnerable children around the world. The last day to exchange a drawing on unicoins.org is on Thursday July 9, 2015.