The Next Round Cpens August 25

Wanted: Innovations for a sustainable fashion future. We are aiming for a planet positive fashion industry, which calls for ideas that address the five global commons: biodiversity, climate, land, ocean or water.

Do you have one? We open for applications on August 25, 2021.

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This is the GCA

Global Change Award is an innovation challenge initiated by non-profit H&M Foundation, aiming to lead the change towards a planet positive fashion industry to protect the planet and our living conditions.

About The Glpbal Change Award

In 2015, the non-profit H&M Foundation initiated what has been called the “Nobel Prize of fashion” - the Global Change Award - an innovation challenge designed to support early stage innovation aimed at creating a planet positive fashion future.

By awarding game-changing innovations that break the linear traditions of fashion and integrate the UN Sustainable Development Goals in their processes, we aim to make the industry planet positive. That means caring for the earth’s systems and changing the way garments are designed, produced, shipped, bought, used, and recycled.

More information about Global Change Award will be published shortly.

The Latest

The Billion Dollar Collection group shot

Virtual collection designed to make the planet last launched today

‘The Billion Dollar Collection’, launched today by non-profit H&M Foundation, presents 10 innovative sustainable start-ups that could change the face of the fashion industry. Showcased as garments in a virtual fashion collection, each start-up features a price tag reflecting the estimated support each company believes they need to achieve scale for their disruptive innovations.
Digital Accelerator Program for GCA 2020

Fast tracking innovation and maintaining sanity in lockdown

Our Innovation Accelerator Program for the Global Change Award winners is designed to accelerate the development of their innovations to reach the market quicker and therefore driving change in the fashion industry. This year, our Accelerator delivered knowhow from an impressive list of guest speakers, but it also played an important role in giving a sense of belonging and moral support to our winners because of the pandemic.