We are thrilled to introduce the ten breakthrough materials, recycling technologies and design systems ready to shift the world of fashion. This year we have doubled the winners and the grant. These are the winners of the Global Change Award 2023.

"You are the winners of Global Change Award"

Say hi to our ten new GCA winners - our future wardrobe heroes! Check out the video clip from when they find out they won and send some love!

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H&M Foundation doubles GCA grant and winners

Recyclable and biodegradable polyurethane, food waste polyester, circular dyeing, natural bio-colours, ultra high-performing textiles, seaweed material, AI textile sorting, corn husk and sugarcane fabric, zero waste pattern system, textile-to-textile recycling for polyesters – these are the ten Global Change Award winners 2023, sharing a €2 million grant from the non-profit H&M Foundation.

About The Glpbal Change Award

The non-profit H&M Foundation launched the Global Change Award to transform the fashion and textile industry and turn it planet positive. By catalysing early-stage innovations that can accelerate the transformation of the fashion and textile industry, the aim is to protect the planet and our living conditions.

The winning teams receive a grant of 200,000 euros each and get access to a one-year-long GCA Impact Accelerator provided by the H&M Foundation, in collaboration with Accenture, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and The Mills Fabrica.

Neither H&M Foundation nor H&M Group take any equity or intellectual property rights in the innovations as the aim is to benefit the entire industry.