About GCA

We are looking for bright minds that can reinvent fashion and change the way it is seen, worn, and made. The aim is to find, support and scale disruptive ideas that can protect our planet and transform the textile industry into a planet positive one.

The Global Change Award – called The Nobel Prize of Fashion – launched as the first innovation challenge of its kind in 2015. Since then, we have received more than 20,000 entries and awarded over 30 disruptive innovations with a combined grant of 6 million euros. And the grant is just one perk of winning the GCA.

Helping innovations accelerate and scale

The winners venture into the year-long GCA Impact Accelerator programme which includes invaluable coaching and support from the H&M Foundation and its partners Accenture, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and The Mills Fabrica. The programme is tailored to support each team in developing and scaling their innovation for impact.

The non-profit H&M Foundation launched the Global Change Award to transform the fashion and textile industry and turn it planet positive. That means becoming an industry that benefits the planet and its shared resources instead of harming and depleting it.

Innovation has the power to do it, and previous GCA winners prove it. Already, several past winners are used by, or in collaborations with, global brands and businesses to transform the entire textile industry.

Neither H&M Foundation or H&M Group take any shareholder equity or intellectual property rights in the innovations. The winners can collaborate with whomever they want, the aim is to find innovations that allow major change for the entire industry.  


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