Rachel Cernansky

Senior sustainability editor, Vogue Business

GCA2022 Expert Panel Rachel Cernansky bw

“For fashion to operate within planetary boundaries, it has to make fundamental changes. That starts with listening to more voices, particularly from communities closest to the problems that the industry needs to solve. I hope the GCA is able to identify some of those voices – people with bright ideas and fresh, innovative thinking that has been missing from traditional corporate leadership – and amplify their message to the industry in order to drive the more systemic change that fashion so desperately needs.”

Rachel Cernansky

Rachel is a freelance journalist, primarily covering the environment, social justice and nutrition. Her work has been published by The New York Times, National Geographic News, Grist, The Christian Science Monitor, 5280 (The Denver Magazine), Real Simple, Nutrition Business Journal, The Colorado Independent, The Daily Camera, Dowser, Satya and others.

Before moving to Colorado, she lived in New York, Sydney, Nairobi and Rusinga Island, Kenya, and Kigali, Rwanda. She now lives in Denver.

New member of the GCA Expert Panel.

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