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CottonAce by Wadhwani AI

Every year, vast amounts of cotton crops are lost to pests. With the help of artificial intelligence, farmers can now monitor and counter infestation before any crops are destroyed, resulting in less pesticide use, bigger harvests, and higher incomes for farmers.

Winner 2022

The innovation in a nutshell

An AI solution that reduces pesticide use, increases yield and raises incomes for smallholder cotton farmers.

More in detail

India is one of the world’s primary cotton producers and is estimated to have six million cotton farmers. Unfortunately, a massive share of their yield is lost to pests every year. With pesticides being the most common solution to counter infestation, they are often over-used causing harm to the environment, land and health of the farmers.

Wadhwani AI has the solution.

Their app CottonAce offers real-time guidance and recommendations to cotton farmers that target pests at the right time and with the most effective measures, reducing the risk of damaging their crops.

It’s easy to use, too. Farmers install pest traps, photograph the trap catch, and upload the images into the app where AI analyses the photos and gives instant directions on what pesticide to use and when to apply it.

In trials, CottonAce has helped reduce pesticide use by an estimated 25 per cent, increased awareness around indiscriminate usage, and raised incomes for farmers.

“We are thrilled to be among the winners of the Global Change Award in 2022. Being a part of the GCA cohort and availing of the industry interactions, support and mentorship that it offers will help drive us further towards realising our goal of improving the lives of cotton farmers in India and other developing nations.”

Wadhwani AI team

Team members: Shekar Sivasubramanian, Dr. Alpan Rawal, Vikram Kumar, Dr. Jigar Doshi, Dr. Jerome White, Sonali Ghike, Dr. Srinivas Rao and Dr. Utkarsh Ghate.
Country: India