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Deakin University

Denim jeans are one of the most iconic styles in fashion, and the single most common apparel item on the market. Unfortunately, the traditional process of dyeing denim requires large amounts of water and energy. With a circular mindset, a team at Deakin University came up with an innovation that uses no water at all.

Winner 2017

The innovation in a nutshell

Using used denim to colour new denim.

More in detail

One of the most water intensive processes when making clothes is the dyeing process. To colour a pair of jeans about 200 litres of water is used.

No wonder professor Xungai Wang and his team of scientists at Deakin University in Victoria, Australia, were excited when they came up with a process that lets one old pair of jeans dye ten new ones, with zero water usage.

“The Global Change Award has allowed us to dedicate more resources to the development task. It has also assisted us with the business development skills.”

Professor Xungai Wang

Team members: Professor Xungai Wang, Dr Rangam Rajkhowa, Dr Rebecca Van Amber, Dr Christopher Hurren and Dr Nolene Byrne
Country: Australia