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Petit Pli

Parents struggle to keep up in every way, including dressing their little ones as they crawl, climb and explore the world. As children grow seven sizes in their first 2 years, there’s an appalling amount of children’s clothes that are bought but barely worn before they’re outgrown. However, with inspiration drawn from origami, Petit Pli found an ingenious way to design clothes that grows with the child.

Winner 2019

The innovation in a nutshell

Outfits that expand with the child while reducing environmental impact.

More in detail

Inspired by space engineering and the ingenious folding techniques of origami to maximize volume in a minimum amount of space, the team at Petit Pli developed an innovation that offers durable and appealing clothes that grow with the child, with a diverse range of sizes from 9 months to 4 years.

These garments are windproof, rainproof and folded in a way that allows for tops and bottoms to expand and fit each child for years.

“The monetary injection will allow us to actually action the knowledge that we will acquire through the accelerator programme. During the forthcoming year we will focus on growing our team and the business,” said Ryan Yasin.

“Winning the Global Change Award and receiving the grant means that we now have the targeted support and means to accelerate Petit Pli’s growth alongside innovators desiring to champion innovation and circularity in fashion.”

Ryan Yasin

Team members: Ryan Mario Yasin, Arabella Turek, Fanny Lefebvre-Nare, Alicia Martinez-Rodriguez
Country: United Kingdom