– creating an equitable fashion industry together

Fashion has power – and as an industry that dreams up and creates ways for us to express ourselves, it also holds the potential to accelerate fairer and inclusive societies.

Imagine a fashion industry that serves, employs, and empowers people representing an extensive range of diverse experiences and backgrounds. One that is truly inclusive of people of different ethnicities, ages, religions, abilities, genders, sexual orientations, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Now imagine that you can help create it.

Through Knit, a diverse group of people will be brought together to co-create tools that leaders within the fashion industry can use to increase inclusivity. The solutions will be openly shared, with the purpose of showcasing ways to accelerate a diverse, fair, and inclusive fashion industry.

How it works?

The selected Knit participants will gather for five days in Stockholm, bringing their different talents and experiences to the table. The aim is to develop tools that can empower leaders within the fashion industry to increase inclusivity of people from multifaceted backgrounds, specifically looking at ethnicity and socioeconomic class.

The group will be led through an innovation method by The Do, and the fashion brand COS, who will be engaged throughout the week to guide the participants from an industry perspective. The solutions created will be made available for the entire industry – and hopefully beyond. No stakeholder will profit; anyone is welcome to take away and apply the tools; and any organization may adopt them.

Who can apply?

Knit is open to anyone over 18 years of age. We are particularly interested in hearing from people that are motivated and passionate about contributing to accelerating DEI in the fashion industry.

The practicalities

The co-creation week will take place 19-23 February 2024 in Stockholm, Sweden. The participants will receive a grant of EUR 600 each, and all costs related to travel, accommodation and food will be covered throughout the week.

How to apply?

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About Knit

Knit is a co-creation week for an equitable fashion industry initiated and funded by H&M Foundation and designed and delivered in collaboration with The Do and Creative Equals. The fashion brand COS brings in the industry perspective throughout the co-creation week, and have been part of identifying the industry challenge.

“To continue to push the boundaries for innovation and creativity, the fashion industry must amplify all voices and perspectives. In this project we are creating a framework that will enable this, for a more diverse, equitable and inclusive fashion landscape.”

Jodit Tesfai, Strategy Lead for DEI, H&M Foundation
Jodit Tesfai, Strategy Lead for DEI at H&M Foundation.

“Our brand mission at COS is to empower and unite for a better future, generating positive change for our employees, customers and the communities we touch. This partnership with H&M Foundation complements what we stand for – providing a platform to accelerate inclusivity and tackle underrepresentation in fashion.”

Jessica Lillienberg, Global Head of HR at COS

“We hope that the tools created through Knit can help kick start sustainable change for people who are underrepresented in the fashion industry today.”

Stephanie Matthews, Client Business Partner, Creative Equals
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