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News  |  3 October 2018

Donation to earth quake and tsunami victims in Indonesia

On 28 September 2018, a major earthquake with a 7.4 magnitude, struck Sulawesi Island, Indonesia, generating a tsunami that hit coastal areas. As a result, more than 1,400 people were killed, 2,500 injured and more than 70,000 were displaced (as of October 3rd). In response to this, the H&M Foundation donates USD 100,000 to The Red Cross.
Photo: The Red Cross

The number of victims is expected to rise as more information becomes available and as emergency responders are yet to reach all affected populated areas. Reports also indicate that thousands of homes as well as commercial centers, public buildings, roads and bridges have been damaged and, in some areas, flattened.

"Saving lives is right now a race against time. The devastation is huge and there are a lot of challenges but we are doing everything we can to find survivors and provide injured with the care they need. All contributions are needed and we are truly grateful that the H&M Foundation decided to support these lifesaving efforts.”

Patrick Fox Head of the Disaster Management Unit at the Swedish Red Cross

This donation to the Red Cross will contribute to providing 80,000 women, men and children with immediate access to shelter, as well as more sustainable solutions for example by providing material for repairing damaged houses. Food and support to restore a sustainable livelihood will be provided as well as safe water and sanitation to reduce the risk of water related diseases. The response is also focused on protecting vulnerable populations such as children, elderly, and persons with disabilities, as well as and disaster risk reduction efforts and building community resilience.

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