Constructive activism

We want to spark innovation, collaboration and action to contribute to the realisation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. To do this we are working in a range of programs focusing on inclusive societies and a planet positive fashion future. We also see a need to push the industry, decision makers and consumers to do more. We call it constructive activism.

Woman in Africa reading her phone while carrying a basket on her head.

We believe constructive activism is a new type of activism for the future. It includes highly engaged people who don’t want to confirm or praise current practises, but who – in a friendly and constructive way – challenges old truths and find new ways forward. And, most importantly can vocal and spread these insights to others.

Our projects

Challenging stereotypes and old truths

Apart from our long-term projects focusing on constructive activism, we have also used it in several campaigns to put the spotlight on a specific issue and ignite a discussion. Below are some examples of this.