Better education and a better future for children in Myanmar

Only 64% of children in Myanmar aged 5-17 years are attending school, leaving over one million children out of school. In addition, improving the quality of education is critical as it is still one of the causes for children to drop out from school. This project aimed to increase the quality of and access to education for marginalized and vulnerable children, aged 5-14 in Myanmar.

During the holiday season 2015, H&M ran a campaign where customers contributed to a brighter future for children in Myanmar when purchasing a H&M gift card. For every gift card bought H&M Foundation made a donation to UNICEF – which resulted in a total of €4.9 million!

The donation benefitted marginalized and vulnerable children in the states of Rakhine, Kayah, Kachin, and Mon as well as Hlaingthayar township, an industrial zone in Yangon. The children got increased access to school and improved quality of education. Children were also benefitted indirectly through the strengthening of State, District and Township Education Improvement Plans. In addition, out of school children were able to access primary and post-primary education through non-formal education initiatives. This included education for children in camps. Thousands of children in Myanmar are refugees within their own country and live in temporary camps, where there are no formal education opportunities after Grade 5.

UNICEF worked on multiple levels to influence changes in policy, in education management and in schools and communities. Children benefitted from improved quality in primary and lower secondary school education, as UNICEF built teacher capacity through training, for example in teaching methods. Child friendly school clubs were also formed and run in collaboration with parents and community members. School clubs are attractive to children because they are fun, relevant and help build skills.

Children who are out of school were reached by non-formal education to catch up on what they have missed and be able to access education and build a better future for themselves.  The project provided textbooks, salaries of volunteer teachers, support to parents and systems for taking exams.


marginalized and vulnerable children, aged 5-14, were reached in total through this project.


was donated from H&M Foundation to the UNICEF program in Myanmar.

  • Total donation: 45.2 million Swedish krona
  • Partners: UNICEF

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“Reading stories has opened up the world to me.”

Thu Zar Khin’s dream – like many other children’s – is to become a teacher. However, her life is quite different to other children in the world. She and her family lives as refugees within their own country, due to intern-communal violence in their hometown. Thanks to UNICEF, she’s now given non-formal education and can work towards reaching her dream.