H&M Foundation have had a project with Mentor Sweden with the aim to inspire and help young people in Sweden aged 13-17 to increase their motivation to study and strengthen their self-esteem through mentoring programs with adults. Furthermore, the aim was to strengthen parents in their parental role.

The need for adult role models is high among young people today. Healthy relationships with adults are a major protective factor in the lives of young people concerning the prevention of destructive behaviors, such as violence and drug abuse.

Mentor offers students in their younger teens a unique opportunity to have a mentor, an adult friend, for a year. The pairs meet regularly, twice a month, during one year. The adults mentors are trained through a course in mentoring skills before being introduced to their mentee, and are offered guidance through the year by Mentor’s supervisors.

The project aims to increase young people’s study motivation and prevent them from dropping out of school. Study motivation and confidence are important factors in the promotion of health of young people. Research has shown a correlation between study motivation and social function. Dysfunction in these areas can be harmful to a young person from an early age, and also have an impact on the entire lifespan.

The following outcomes from this collaboration were reached in 2015:

  • 10,000 youth participate in the Job Mentor Program
  • 1,250 youths participate in the Mentor Program
  • 90% of the mentees who complete a mentorship shall experience a stronger sense of self-esteem than they did before participating in the program
  • Total Donation: 3 million Swedish krona
  • Partners: Mentor