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Stories of change

All organisations we partner with provide us with frequent project updates, so we can follow the work closely. We also do field visits to all our projects to learn more. But to really understand how our programs are affecting people’s lives, we gather stories from the ones being reached by our projects. Through these stories we understand the complex challenges we try to overcome, how their lives were before and how it has changed and improved. It’s stories about real people, real struggles and real achievements. We call them Stories of Change.

18 Nov, 2019
Access to sanitation brings health to the village
Water After the health clinic in West Doguri received proper sanitation services, the number of visitors increased, resulting in better health among the ...
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18 Nov, 2019
Learning how to play
Education With the help of Save the Children, Cristi got support and preparations for kindergarten.

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4 Sep, 2019
Using the sun and AI to produce greener nylonUsing the sun and AI to produce greener nylon Nylon is popular in the fashion industry, not only for hosiery which may what first comes to mind, but also for blouses, dresses, tights, underwear...
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2 Sep, 2019
Mother and son reunitedEquality With the help of online and offline channels and the power of community-based peer to peer network, REFUNITE managed to re-connect John with his mo...
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14 Aug, 2019
Safety and dignity brought by public toilets
Water “I thought clean water and a hygienic toilet was meant for rich people. But, when the new toilet opened I felt very privileged.”
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4 Jul, 2019
The peace circus is coming to townEducation Diomedes has gained hope, self-confidence, friends and a new environment that respects diversity and promotes equality for girls and boys.
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26 Jun, 2019
“I can do whatever I want”Equality Moataz is one example of how students can achieve their academic goals and succeed in their studies with Kiron.
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25 Jun, 2019
"My role as a Mama Yeleen has earned me respect and acknowledgment” Education Fatoumata is best known as a Mama Yeleen, or role model mother. She was chosen by her community to convey key messages of positive change to other ...
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20 Jun, 2019
Bringing Excitement to Reading BooksEducation “I will always do the best I can for the children when I’m with them.”
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13 May, 2019
A journey of fulfillmentEquality Meet Jess, living proof that with the right support life can change for the better.
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10 May, 2019
“We could never imagine what a toilet looked like!”
Water Chanchala and her family used to be forced to defecate in the open risking illness and attack on a daily basis. Today she has access to a toilet an...
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9 May, 2019
Father and son reunitedEquality The story of Kasim is a great example of how effective cross-border cooperation can save lives and better protect children in migration.
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8 May, 2019
Healthy lives advocate Water Chaesom eagerly advocates and connects water and sanitation to higher life quality.
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9 Apr, 2019
“A Shining Future is Within my Grasp”Education Cecilia is one of 150 students who got the chance to complete her studies with the help of UNICEF.
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2 Mar, 2019
Mindfulness in Managing Emotions and Time
Education A world of positive change is taking place inside a classroom at PS 36 elementary school in Harlem.
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15 Jan, 2019
A good start for a better lifeEducation With the right care and stimulation in babies’ first few years they have the best chance to reach their full potential. 24-year old Ms Der, who l...
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7 Dec, 2018
“I can finally start to build my future”Equality Wafaa is one of 3000 refugees in Germany who got access to quality higher education online through our project with Kiron Open Higher Education. Fo...
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31 Oct, 2018
Sandra proved everyone wrongEquality Sandra’s start in life was never certain, even before she was born. When her mother was pregnant, Sandra’s father threatened to kill her mother...
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24 Oct, 2018
Yuliana is starting to believe in herselfEducation After 60 years of armed conflict, the new generations of Colombia still suffer from a culture of violence. Yuliana and her friends learn about peac...
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18 Oct, 2018
“The new toilets brought hope”Water 11 year old Mossammad is one of the students in nine different schools in Banglabazaar outside of Dhaka, who are provided with proper toilets and c...
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