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The H&M Foundation is a non-profit global foundation, privately funded by the Stefan Persson family, founders and main owners of H&M group. Its mission is to drive long lasting positive change and improve living conditions by investing in people, communities and innovative ideas.

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A journey of fulfillment

Meet Jess, living proof that with the right support life can change for the better.
Jess now describes herself as a ‘passionate activist’ and is motivated by a desire to give back to others.

Having struggled with complex mental health challenges for most of her life, Jess was left in an extremely vulnerable place following the breakdown of an unhealthy relationship. Suddenly homeless and unemployed, and with a complex mental health diagnoses that compounded the situation, she needed help.

Jess came into contact with 1625 Independent People’s Youth MAPS team (Mediation, Assessment, Prevent and Support) and got their support and help in getting somewhere to live. Once housed, she was referred to the H&M Foundation funded Job Coach at 1625ip- Jess describes this as very motivating and it kept her to focus on a positive future. Through the Job Coach, Jess enrolled first onto a Dream Analysis course, and then an Introduction to Youth Work course. Jess completed them both and filled with inspiration she ignited a passion for youth advocacy and began participating in the Peer Mentoring programme and Youth Board at 1625 Independent People, helping to share the views of her peers with the charity’s decision-makers.

“I’m very lucky to be here I just want to make the world a better place”

Jess now describes herself as a ‘passionate activist’ and is motivated by a desire to give back to others. Her journey with 1625 Independent People, guided by her Job Coach, has helped her to realise that she must care for herself if she is going to care for others. Jess now sees a future full of possibilities for herself. She dreams of being financially self-sufficient, travelling abroad, and giving back to the world by participating in charity and conservation projects, as well as via her own creative pursuits with spoken word poetry. Thanks to the support she has received, these goals all now feel well within Jess’s reach.

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