Frequently asked questions

Here you will find some common questions and answers about the H&M Foundation.

What is the H&M Foundation?

The H&M Foundation is a philanthropic foundation for public good, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. It is privately funded by the Stefan Persson family, founders and main owners of the H&M Group. Our vision is to enable an inclusive and planet positive textile industry. To get there we explore new opportunities, collaborate with different partners, support innovation and use communication as a tool to inspire action. To contribute to real systems change, we openly share breakthrough innovation and solutions for anyone to adopt and scale. The H&M Foundation can also provide emergency relief.

What is your connection to the H&M Group?

H&M Foundation is a separate legal entity from the H&M Group, with our own board, team, and strategy. We work to speed up the process of making the entire fashion and textile industry socially inclusive and planet positive. Our aim is to benefit the entire industry, not specific brands.

How much money has the Persson family donated to H&M Foundation?

Since 2013, the Stefan Persson family has donated 1.7 billion Swedish krona ($219 million) to the H&M Foundation.

Can I apply for a grant or donation at the H&M Foundation?

The H&M Foundation is a closed foundation, therefore it’s not possible to apply for contributions from us. We have a thorough process to proactively find the right partners matching our specific strategy within our focus areas.

How are funding decisions made?

The H&M Foundation connects with partners and initiate projects that fit the profile of what we identify as prioritized in each individual case. We work by invitation only. A possible project is always presented to the board which will make the final decision of a donation.

How are projects and partners selected?

Partners and programs are carefully selected based on our strategy and sought impact. The partners’ perspectives and approach need to match H&M Foundation’s vision. We collaborate with those who can help us realize our vision. We form partnerships with people, organisations, research institutes or brands that advance the industry to become socially inclusive and planet positive. The partners also need to be able to track impact

How does the H&M Foundation follow up on funded projects?

We follow up each project by comprehensive reports every sixth month. On top of this each project is regularly visited and reviewed in the field.

Can I apply for a job at H&M Foundation?

When we have open positions, we advertise them on different sites depending on the role, but most jobs are also advertised at Explore Careers in Fashion at H&M | H&M Careers (

Can you donate clothes?

H&M Foundation does not belong to the H&M Group, rather it’s a separated entity. Hence, we cannot make any garment donations.

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