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Few garments are designed with perfect circularity in mind. But to protect our planet, we need to radically shift from our “take-make-waste” mindset to another model. The German innovators might have a solution that can change how garments are designed, used and disposed.

Winner 2019

The innovation in a nutshell

Using tech to make fashion circular from sketch to scrap.

More in detail

A circular fashion model is where materials and valuable resources are used and reused over again. The Loop Scoop has developed a digital system which specifies how each garment choice of material, cut and production affects the planet – providing designers with knowledge and tools on how to design with recyclable intent.

The specifications are then saved as a digital identity, a circularity.ID, which can be scanned by consumers to access information on the best options once done with the garment – encouraging consumers to reuse, update or recycle their fashion.

“The system connects stakeholders across the value chain and the more users on each level of the chain that are using it the more effective it gets. Standards need to be set and spread within the industry and for those challenges the Global Change Award is exactly the right platform,” says Ina Budde from

“Winning the Global Change Award and the grant money is very helpful to further develop and streamline our platform, but also to keep the independency of the company, which is important for the task of setting up an industry system.”

Ina Budde

Team members: Ina Budde, Jonna Haeggblom
Country: Germany