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Isn’t it ironic that clothes designed for people who truly love nature, often bring considerable damage to the environment? However, change might be on the horizon thanks to a biodegradable solution by dimpora.

Winner 2019

The innovation in a nutshell

A biodegradable and mineral-based membrane for outdoor wear.

More in detail

To make outdoor wear withstand rain and harsh weather conditions, substances need to be added that often are harmful to the environment. Swiss team dimpora is here to change the game plan completely.

They’ve developed a non-toxic, mineral-based and fluorine-free alternative. It consists of a biodegradable solution that does the job just as effectively – but naturally. The solution can be added to any type of garment in a micro-thin membrane that shields against the elements in a sustainable way.

“We are thrilled to get the opportunity to bring our biodegradable membrane to the next level in terms of performance and scale up with the grant from winning the Global Change Award,” said Anna Beltzung from dimpora.

“Apart from the obvious benefits of financial help, the contacts from the Global Change Award network will have a tremendous impact on the time to scale up our business to improve our product and revolutionize the industry.”

Anna Beltzung

Team members: Mario Stucki, Anna Beltzung
Country: Switzerland