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Recycling is still one of the biggest obstacles in the fashion industry, and game changing ideas are needed to give old garments a new life instead of ending up in landfill. Resortecs looked at the details and realized a lot could be done if only the seams would let go easily in the recycling process.

Winner 2018

The innovation in a nutshell

A dissolvable thread that makes repairing and recycling a breeze.

More in detail

Zippers and buttons make garment recycling complicated as the removal of such details calls for manual assistance, making the process both costly and time consuming. Resortecs solves this problem by supplying a thread that simply dissolves at a high temperature.

This innovation works double wonders – it makes both repairing and recycling a breeze. And when used for regular seams, the whole piece of clothing can easily be disassembled. The fabric can then be used over and over in new ways, cutting the need to produce fabric from scratch.

Stitch by stitch, this innovation brings new life to fashion.

“Being part of the Global Change Award community is a major opportunity to expand our network globally and get maximum impact.”

Cédric Vanhoeck

Team members: Cédric Vanhoeck and Vanessa Counaert
Country: Belgium