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As the demand for clothing increases with the growing human population, the waste created in the fashion industry continues to escalate. One process in the fashion industry that creates a lot of excess waste, is in design and pattern making. Through AI, Synflux found an innovative way to apply a more circular mindset.

Winner 2019 — Early Bird

Sunflux - GCA Early Bird winner 2019 (1)
Yusuke Fujihira, Kye Shimizu, Kazuya Kawasaki and Kotaro Sano

The innovation in a nutshell

Redesigning fashion with artificial intelligence.

More in detail

The use of curve pattern cutting on square fabrics have been conventionally centred around the creativity of fashion designers and the will to adhere to the dimensional body types of the customers. But as a result, 15% of the fabric is wasted.

Synflux has developed an innovative solution that provides a transparent system for pattern making, by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for a more sustainable fashion future.

By building upon the history of Japanese straight cut patterns, Synflux uses a pattern technique to reduce the waste. They also aim to make the whole production more effective by using this pattern technology on demand, rather than creating a mass amount of stock.

Thanks to this innovation, waste as well as energy, used throughout the creative process in the fashion industry can be substantially reduced.

“During the accelerator week in New York, we were able to get in contact with many media outlets that we haven’t talked to before, and others that desperately wanted to collaborate. For us being based in Japan, it was also a way to think about the other half of the world, and how to think about the Western market,” says Kye Shimizu.

What is an Early Bird winner?

The Early Bird is the best entry from the pool of entries submitted in the first half of the application period. This team does not receive a grant, but get the opportunity to attend one of the Innovation Accelerator sessions of their choosing in either New York or Hong Kong during 2019.

“The Global Change Award not only exposes us to many different opportunities to our project, but also allows our innovation to reach people we had never thought about.”

Kye Shimizu

Team members: Kazuya Kawasaki, Kotaro Sano, Kye Shimizu and Yusuke Fujihira
Country: Japan