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ZER Collection

When making garments, a lot of fabric scraps are usually generated in the cutting process, which are simply thrown away. This innovation uses digital manufacturing to eliminate such waste and the 3D printed garment can easily be melted down into new fabrics and used again.

Winner 2020 — Early Bird

Zer Collection

The innovation in a nutshell

Reusable 3D printed garments made without wasting any resources.

More in detail

When products are made, from smartphones to building blocks to food, a lot of waste is generated which usually goes straight in the bin. The same problem occurs in the fashion industry and especially in the cutting process, where loads of fabric scraps are discarded. At the same time, we all know that the resources used to make our favourite fashion staples will not last forever and therefore need to be managed in a better way.

This innovation applies the latest technology in digital manufacturing such as 3D printing, to create garments with zero waste throughout the production process. And the materials are reusable – once a 3D printed garment has been worn out, it can be melted down and regenerated into new materials.

The goal is to be part of a new fashion revolution, where customers use big 3D printers to order the garment they need, resulting in no over-production and no waste. It’s circular fashion at its best.

What is an Early Bird winner?

The Early Bird is the best entry from the pool of entries submitted in the first half of the application period. This team does not receive a grant, but get the opportunity to attend parts of the Innovation Accelerator Program.

”It’s comforting to know that research has a place in the fashion industry, which is becoming increasingly important – and we want to be part of it. After so many hours of dedication and hard work we are proud that a platform of such importance selects us among research projects worldwide. From the start we have believed in a more sustainable and humane fashion industry, and this award gives us the strength to continue fighting for it.”

Ane Castro and Núria Costa

Team members: Ane Castro Sudupe and Núria Costa Ginjaume
Country: Spain