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Singing songs. Painting pictures. Building with colourful bricks. Evidence shows that the activities that sound like pure fun are the building blocks of lifelong learning. Children who experience love, proper nutrition and protection in a stimulating environment during early childhood become resilient, learn effectively and can help build strong, safe communities and economies when they reach adulthood.

Together with UNICEF, the H&M Foundation invests in a better future for the most vulnerable children through early education and care.

Children’s brains are developing rapidly at a very young age and if they are in a positive and stimulating environment during this sensitive time, their ability to succeed and achieve later in life increases significantly. Early Childhood Development is one of the most impactful ways to give children the best start in life. However, many children still don’t receive this support in their early years.

In Phase 1 of the Global Program with UNICEF (2014-2017), we reached over 100,000 children in poor communities with Early Childhood Development programs, and influenced governments to place Early Childhood Development on their national agendas. Building on the success of the first phase, the second phase aims to improve the lives of young children, their families and communities. The program will focus on Mali, East Timor, Vietnam and Egypt, where many children lack the early stimulation and care needed to succeed later in life.


UNICEF works holistically with parents, caregivers, teachers, governments, politicians and influencers to increase awareness and enable change to happen. A tool will also be developed, to measure the wider impact Early Childhood Development services has on conflict and post-conflict societies.


  • Reach 145,000 children, parents, teachers and influencers with Early Childhood Development programs, so that every child can have the best start in life.
  • Facilitate collaboration within national ministries in four countries to enable implementation of Early Childhood Development services.
  • Develop a tool to highlight the relevance of Early Childhood Development efforts for tolerance, cooperation and respect to prevent conflicts and bring communities together.

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With the right care and stimulation in babies’ first few years they have the best chance to reach their full potential. 24-year old Ms Der, who lives in Kon Tum in the Central Highland in Vietnam, is included in our global program with UNICEF and knows how to give her children this lifetime opportunity.