Supporting homeless youth in the UK

Together with five charities H&M Foundation provided homeless youth in the UK with support and training to transform their futures.

Homeless young people are four times more likely to be out of education, employment and training compared to other 16-24 year olds. Accessing education, employment and training are essential steps towards an independent life for a homeless young person as it is a long-term solution to the issue of youth homelessness.

The H&M Foundation partnered with Centrepoint,1625 Independent People, Aberdeen Foyer, The Benjamin Foundation and Roundabout in a joint project to empower young homeless people. The project aimed to provide specialist support to homeless young people in order to ensure that they move onto a sustainable future with a home and a job of their own. This was done by improving young people’s employability and work readiness through skills programmes and work experience, engaging and supporting employers to enable them to offer opportunities and providing in-work support.

Three initiatives within the project

  1. A Jobs Coaching Program – specialist employment coaching and brokering support to young people.
  2. A Bursary Fund – financial support which to enable young people to pursue education and employment opportunities.
  3. A Digital Careers Platform – accessible and tailored online support for young people to begin their jobs search.


young homeless people in the UK were supported to create a sustainable future for themselves.

  • Total donation: 6 million Swedish krona
  • People reached by 2019: 702
  • Partners: 1625 Independent People, Aberdeen Foyer, The Benjamin Foundation, Roundabout

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