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H&M customers contribute to quality education in Myanmar

This year’s holiday campaign at H&M will have a giving theme, where customers will be able to contribute. For every purchased gift card at H&M, the H&M Foundation will donate 5% of the total gift card amount to UNICEF. The donation will provide vulnerable children in Myanmar with quality education.

Only 64% of children aged 5-17 years are attending school in Myanmar, leaving more than 1 million children behind. Through a new program, which will be initiated by UNICEF and the H&M Foundation, children aged 5-14 will benefit from increased access to school and an improved quality of education. H&M’s customers are offered an easy way to contribute to UNICEF’s work by buying gift cards at H&M during the holiday season.

“There is an urgent need to improve access and quality of basic education for vulnerable children in Myanmar. H&M Foundation are happy to support this program with UNICEF that will reach more than 350,000 children with improved primary and lower secondary school education in the Rakhine State in Myanmar, says Charlotte Brunnström, Program Manager for Education at the H&M Foundation.

The program includes children in formal schooling, children living in camps for internally displaced people and children who will be reached through non-formal education initiatives. UNICEF will work on multiple levels to influence changes in policy, in education management and in schools and communities. Children, parents, teachers, head masters and policy makers will be involved in creating better schools for children.

Read press release from UNICEF.