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Results from the Holiday Gift Card Campaign

The Gift Card Holiday campaign 2015 is now completed and thanks to our customers, the donation amounted to a total of €4,9 million. This donation from the H&M Conscious Foundation will go to a program run by UNICEF and will benefit 480,000 marginalized and vulnerable children, aged 5-14 in Myanmar. These children will get increased access to school and improved quality of education.

“This fantastic result would never have been achieved without the substantial engagement of H&M customers! Through a simple mean; the purchase of a gift card, we will be able to give 480,000 vulnerable children a better future. It shows that small means certainly can take you far!”, says Diana Amini, Global Manager of H&M Conscious Foundation.

The program includes children in formal schooling, children living in camps for internally displaced people and children who will be reached through non-formal education initiatives. UNICEF will work on multiple levels to influence changes in policy, in education management and in schools and communities. Children, parents, teachers, head masters and policy makers will be involved in creating better schools for children.