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Global Change Award winners 2019 receive extra support through crowdfunding

We invited anyone, anywhere to take active part as a supporter, backer and tester of our winners through crowdfunding campaigns at Indiegogo. As a result, this year’s winners collected an additional 46,000 euro, alongside the 1 million euro grant from H&M Foundation.

The team of Green Nettle Textiles looking at their laptop

At the award ceremony in the Stockholm City Hall, these five innovations were crowned:

Funding is the biggest hurdle

Among the thousands of entries to this year’s Global Change Award, 45% rank “funding” as their biggest obstacle.

Clearly, crowdfunding holds great untapped potential as a funding option as well as an opportunity for the whole innovation ecosystem to contribute and make a difference. This initiative with Indiegogo put consumers in the front seat, enabling them to take active part for a future for sustainable style. It has also been a great way to get real and honest customer feedback early on to help the teams develop the best solutions for the industry. There’s nothing like testing your wings in the real world.

“Every time we got backed by a complete stranger, it was an overwhelming feeling! The fact that we now have a bunch of backers also puts extra pressure on us to really power through and create great jackets.“

Anna Beltzung, dimpora

The money collected, which is an addition to the 1 million euro grant from the H&M Foundation, will help our winners to develop their innovations even further, try out new markets or expand their teams.