Learn more about our work through stories from people whose lives we have affected or people we have worked with.

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Sewing her way to success

As we arrive at Arudselvi’s tailoring shop she steps forward to greet us with an enormous grin from ear to ear. Her smile is infectious. This is a businesswoman on the rise, who can’t quite believe her own success.
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The importance of fathers

Growing up in an environment where violence is a form of discipline makes people believe that children must be “educated” by violence. This situation made Manuel to establish a child centre in 2010 which later was incorporated into one of Save the Children´s project.
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Breaking taboos

Our project with PLAN Internation has reached more than 36,000 people, in the strive to change norms and break taboos around menstruation. It has pushed transformation towards a more equal society.
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Development beyond disability

1.5-year old Valery in Peru was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth. Her family still remembers the insensitive way they were treated at the hospital. Thanks to our partner UNICEF, Valery’s parents got support and guidance to help her in the best way, and they also got to meet other families in the same situation.
Yeo Nakoni in her cabbage field.
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Changed her destiny and now runs a successful business

Growing up in Ivory Coast, Yeo Nakoni was taken out of school at the age of 15 to support her parents on their farm. Her destiny was set. It could have stayed that way, if it wasn’t for her business minded mother-in-law. Today, the 51-year old grows and sells her own vegetables and can afford to send her children to school.
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From typing service to a growing stationary business

Growing up and selling products and services to make ends meet, inspired 35-year old Martha Sócola Morales to start her own stationary business once she graduated from university in Peru. When traditional banks wouldn’t give her a loan, she found a financial institution that focused on group loans for women only, and she could expand her business.