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H&M Foundation supports typhoon “Haiyan” victims in the Philippines

To support in the relief after the devastating typhoon “Haiyan” in the Philippines, H&M Foundation has donated $100,000 to back the Red Cross in the initial rescue phase.

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The funding gives the opportunity to support the work of search and rescue, handing out blankets, jerry cans, hygiene kits and sleeping mats. Food packages will also be handed out. Additional rescue work may be done, pending the assessment of the situation such as for e.g. psycho social support and other activities.

The typhoon hit the Philippines on Sunday November 10, 2013.  Thousands of stranded families and children are in urgent need of food, clean drinking water and medical assistance. According to estimates done by the Red Cross and media, more than 5, 4 million people, half of them children, are estimated to have lost their homes and are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. Around 10,000 people are estimated to have lost their lives.