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Innovations creating a waste-free fashion industry awarded

From food crops, smart stitches and 3D-modelled clothes, to advanced recycling processes and biodegradable clothes with health benefits. On March 20, five innovations that can help speed up the shift to a circular fashion industry were awarded the third Global Change Award, sharing a 1 million euro grant from the non-profit H&M Foundation.

The team behind Resortecs

The annual challenge is looking for tomorrow’s game changers, and the third edition attracted 2,600 entries from 151 countries – a truly global and strong movement to create a fashion industry operating within the planetary boundaries. Looking at all entries this year, they provided strong engagement in digitalization, smart processes, and some new and unexpected materials.

The result of the online vote:

Besides innovations with potential to have a positive impact on the industry and planet, the Global Change Award is looking for scalability, that the idea is economically sustainable and novel and how well suited the team is to make a difference.

The year-long Innovation Accelerator Programs provides a toolbox of skills, networks and exposure to help the winners actualise their ideas, maximise performance and get industry access.

Progressing fast

Two years after winning the Global Change Award, we checked in with Resortecs to see where they are at.

“We need brands to go bold and take our pilot to the next step. Invest in our company at this stage. We really want to take over the industry in disassembly of garments and textiles. The risk is limited, and we need the money now.”

Vanessa Counaert, co-founder Resortecs