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Welcome to the first episode of the H&M Foundation podcast! Why do we exist, really? What do we do and how are we driving positive change beyond the company sphere? Put your headphones on, take a 20 minutes’ walk or rest and press the play button!

This is the first of three episodes about H&M Foundation. It focuses on our history, the reason for our existence and why and how we have updated our strategy and way of working. Featured are Diana Amini, our Global Manager, Karl-Johan Persson, board member at the H&M Foundation as well as Reintje van Haeringen from CARE, a long-standing partner to H&M Foundation.  

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Featured in the first episode are Reintje van Haeringen from CARE, Karl-Johan Persson, board member at the H&M Foundation as well as Diana Amini, Global Manager at the H&M Foundation.

For the coming episodes we will deep dive into our focus areas Planet Positive and Inclusive Societies.

In the meantime, make sure to follow us in social media: @hmfoundation. Stay tuned!