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How to go from lab to launch according to fashion’s thought-leaders

Innovators, experts, and industry decision-makers gathered at the Planet Positive Perspectives exhibit to share knowledge, launch collaborations and take action for a sustainable fashion future.

Transformation means to change entirely. And to the fashion industry, change is the only way forward. In order to succeed with this monumental undertaking, actors from every sector must come together.

On 16 June, we invited investors, innovators, business leaders and a myriad of other stakeholders to give their perspectives on the opportunities and challenges ahead.

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Karl-Johan Persson, Board Member, and Diana Amini, Global Manager H&M Foundation.

Panel: From Lab to Launch

Christiane Dolva, Strategy Lead, H&M Foundation gives an introduction to what planet positive is and why it makes sense for the fashion and textile industry to set it as a focus. Christiane’s talk is followed by a panel discussion on scaling innovation with Isaac Nichelson, Founder & CCO at Circular Systems, and Amit Gautam, Founder & CEO at TextileGenesis. Moderated by Rachel Cernansky, Senior Sustainability Editor of Vogue Business and member of the 2022 GCA Expert Panel.

”If we really want to have a meaningful, long term change towards a sustainable fashion industry – fashion brands need to lead the way and invest in people and technology that can achieve that change.”

Amit Gautam, TextileGenesis

Panel: Betting on the Future

Panel discussion on investor support with Erik Karlsson, Investment Manager at CO:Lab, H&M Group, Eva Karlsson, CEO at Houdini Sportswear, and Nikita Jayasuriya, General Manager Europe at The Mills Fabrica. Moderated by Christiane Dolva, H&M Foundation.

“One thing that has been important for us is to be open source in the sense that if we go into an innovation process with other brands, we never ask for exclusivity, which is actually the case for many of our colleagues in the business. Asking for exclusivity for a sustainable solution – what’s the point? If we choose to be open source, brands, whether big or small, can scale faster.”

Eva Karlsson, Houdini Sportswear

About Planet Positive Perspectives

The Planet Positive Perspectives by H&M Foundation is an ongoing forum to discuss challenges, learnings and solutions to accelerate the transformation to a planet positive fashion and textile industry.