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Textile Genesis

Using blockchain technology to track and verify the use of sustainable fibres all the way from fibre to garment. A digital fibercoin ensures transparency and reliability throughout the entire production line and beyond.

Winner 2020

The innovation in a nutshell

Tracking sustainable fibres through transparent and reliable blockchain technology.

More in detail

The demand for sustainable textiles is increasing, which is great news. But guaranteeing that the materials are sustainably produced is tricky even for the most devoted fashion brands. This is especially true when it comes to sustainable viscose and recycled polyester, where vital information is often limited if at all available.

By using blockchain technology, this innovation is a great step towards a more sustainable future. Thanks to increased transparency, it will be easier to verify that the sustainable fibres are used all the way from fibre production to retail just as promised. Each material batch is certified with a twin fibercoin, a digital token that can be likened to a fingerprint, ensuring unique digital identity for the material that is sustainably produced. It’s like a digital accounting system that can’t be manipulated, changed or tampered with, and its recorded history lasts forever.

No more ugly surprises, only trustworthy information regardless of how many times the material is used and recycled. Great for fashion brands, great for consumers, and great for the planet.

“Winning GCA is an important milestone in our start-up journey. It will ‘fast-forward’ our commercial and technology roadmap. We expect to mature from an ’emerging start-up’ to a ‘global change-maker’ with GCA accelerator program.”

Amit Gautam, CEO & Founder, TextileGenesis

Team members: Amit Gautam, Akanksha Sharma, Pradeep Padmarajaiah and Ashraf KA Mohammed
Country: India, based in Hong Kong/India