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A tough screening process is in full swing to find innovations to transform the future of fashion

During the application period, 20 Oct 2022 – 8 Dec 2022, creative ideas to help shift the industry into a planet positive one poured in. We’re now a couple of weeks into the comprehensive screening process, and applications have been shortlisted to 20 entries.

The Global Change Award, initiated by H&M Foundation in 2015, is a global innovation challenge looking for bright minds that can reinvent fashion and change the way it is seen, worn and made. We invited innovators and entrepreneurs to submit early-stage ideas to improve the sustainable footprint of the fashion and textile industry.

“We want to attract ground-breaking innovations with an ability to scale and make real impact in the industry. We have received a range of fantastic ideas from all over the globe with innovations across the value chain. Our screening process is exhaustive, and the choices can be tough. Now, we are conducting due diligence, collecting support documents, verifying claims, and doing interviews. It’s an exciting period.”

Christiane Dolva, Strategy Lead Planet Positive

The applications were first reviewed by a broad group of specialists in the fashion industry as well as by the H&M Foundation and GCA’s core partners. Innovations were assessed based on potential planet positive impact; ability to scale; level of novelty, and the team’s experience and capacity. They then went through H&M Foundation’s due diligence process, and now the GCA 2023 Expert Panel, consisting of independent subject experts within fashion, business, investments, entrepreneurship, and innovation, conduct their own independent analysis and scoring.

Linda Greer, the fashion industry’s go-to sustainability scientist, is one expert panellist. She’s most keen to help identify solutions best suited to help the industry succeed in its mission to reduce GHG emissions.

“I’m interested in innovations in the ’heavy manufacturing’ part of the supply chain – Tier 2 dyeing, finishing, and printing. While we wait to decarbonize the sector, it’s important to reduce Tier 2 emissions as much as possible – with best available technologies as well as breakthrough innovations for waterless dyeing, digital printing, and more.”

Linda Greer, Global Fellow at Institute for
Public and Environmental Affairs Beijing China

The final GCA 2023 winners will be announced on 8th June 2023.

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More information about the top 20 finalists here.

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