How we work

We have always wanted to take a systems change mindset in how we work. We believe that the traditional funding system needs to be disrupted and donors must dare to invest in complex projects and take on a more long-term perspective, be unconventional and innovative.

Social and environmental challenges don’t exist in silos, but in complex systems. The solutions need to recognize that and be holistic. This is too complex for any actor to tackle alone, instead change is best achieved when a diverse group of people join forces and commit to a common agenda to solve complex challenges.

H&M Foundation works to shift power relations and take on a holistic approach to all our social initiatives, which are based on the collective impact method. Also within our planet focus we facilitate co-creation with actors across conventional boundaries to validate and share solutions with the potential to scale. Since actors that work together can achieve more, we always create agile ecosystems of individuals, organizations, businesses, and academia sharing a mutual goal when carrying out our work.

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a About us

H&M Foundation accelerates solutions towards a socially inclusive and planet positive textile industry. We use philanthropic resources to fund vital research and breakthrough innovation, develop powerful partnerships and create inspiring storytelling that shifts narratives.