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Additional support is given to the refugee crisis in Bangladesh and Myanmar

The situation in Myanmar and Bangladesh is a humanitarian disaster of historic proportion. In response to the urgent situation, the H&M Foundation is making a second donation to the Red Cross, reaching 223,700 people.

Hundreds of thousands have fled the Rakhine state in Myanmar and there are currently almost 900,000 living in the refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. This area has limited resources and land to host refugees. Current reports states that 70% of the water in the refugee camp are contaminated with e-coli which makes people, in particular children, sick and pose a huge health risk. The Red Cross team on the ground describes the needs as overwhelming.

H&M Foundation supported the refugee crisis in Bangladesh and Myanmar in September 2017. But the Red Cross are running out of funds and an additional contribution from the H&M Foundation will enable the Red Cross to scale up their work and make a difference for some of the most vulnerable people in the world. The second donation will consist of 100,000 USD to the Red Cross in Bangladesh and another 100,000 USD to the Red Cross in Myanmar.

In Myanmar the funds will be used for training of volunteers in first aid, providing hygiene information, construction of latrines and improving the water quality. In Bangladesh child friendly spaces will be set up, areas where the children get a chance to play and learn and escape the violence around them. But also in Bangladesh the most focus will be given on sanitation and hygiene and the crucial access to clean water.

In total the H&M Foundation has donated 400,000 USD to the refugee crisis in Bangladesh and Myanmar.


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