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Updates on our emergency relief support to efforts in Ukraine

Four months have passed since we donated USD 100,000 each to Save the Children and UNHCR and their tireless efforts in Ukraine. Below you will find just a few of their accomplishments described in numbers that our support has contributed to.

Our support has facilitated for the following accomplishments:

Save the Children

  • 210,000 people have been reached, including 122,000 children.
  • 80,000 children and their families have received food, cash and vouchers assistance to meet basic needs like medicine.
  • 120,000 children and their families have received wellbeing psychological and safeguarding support.
  • 3,100 children have received educational support, such as access to online learning programmes.


  • 4600 people in Ukraine were able to keep warm with a blanket in the winter cold.
  • Another 5,000 displaced people in neighboring countries have been given a hygiene kit including a toothbrush, toothpaste and a towel.
  • 250 refugees in Moldova have received cash assistance to cover emergency food and housing costs.
  • UNHCR also combats trafficking, helps reunite families, and enables psychosocial support for traumatized people.
Photo credit: Dan Stewart/Save the Children