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Tandem Repeat

Worn-out and damaged clothes are often just thrown away, instead of being repaired. This leads to enormous amounts of textile waste. What if your t-shirt or jacket instead could repair itself and extend its lifecycle?

Winner 2018 — Early Bird

The innovation in a nutshell

Using self-healing textile to reduce garment waste and extending its lifecycle.

More in detail

This is the bold innovation of Tandem Repeat, who have found self-healing characteristics in squid genes. Through an eco-friendly and low-cost process, a material emerges which is biodegradable and 100% recyclable.

This groundbreaking technology allows materials to repair themselves, and thereby improve their lifetime. The material also acts as glue, which minimizes the shredding of microfibers during wash, and hence protects against the plastic pollutions in the oceans.

As a good alternative to synthetic fibres such as spandex, this strong and elastic material can be processed into a liquid, powder or fibre, as well as moulded or woven, and is extremely durable.

Team members: Melik Demirel, Gözde Şenel-Ayaz, Sung Yeul Kim and Dennis Werger
Country: USA