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There used to be one or perhaps two, sales per year at your next door fashion store, to clear old stock and make room for new. But now sales are the norm – some brands seem to never sell anything at full price anymore. How come? Why is over production the norm? Can it be solved through new technology? Yes, unspun has shown it’s possible.

Winner 2017 — Early Bird

The innovation in a nutshell

A machine that spins custom-fitted clothes – and then unspins them again.

More in detail

“There is a huge mismatch in the industry between customers’ frustration with product offering and retailers’ excess production of goods, and on the other hand the potential for this whole new way of manufacturing one-by-one, from the ground up and on-demand, called 3D printing,” says Beth Esponette, co-founder of unspun.

Beth, together with Walden Lam and Kevin Martin, realised that the way fashion is designed and produced could be dramatically changed with new technology, and founded unspun. Instead of going in and out of stores and trying on ill-fitting denim jeans, unspun’s innovation scans your body and makes jeans based on your exact size. There will be no excess stock, almost no waste and you’ll receive a pair of jeans you’ll feel good in.

To increase their impact on the fashion industry, unspun realised they needed to team up with others. In 2016 they applied for Global Change Award and won the Early Bird, which gave them the chance to join the other winners on a study trip to Milan as well as being part of the GCA Alumni network.

“The Global Change Award and the H&M Foundation have been instrumental in our development. The Foundation has connected us to forward-thinking luxury brands, apparel retailers, e-commerce companies, funding sources, manufacturers and supply chain players along the circular apparel ecosystem.”

Walden Lam

Team members: Beth Esponette, Kevin Martin and Walden Lam
Country: USA