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500,000 USD donated to earthquake victims

In response to the devastating earthquake that has taken place in Türkiye and Syria, H&M Foundation is donating 250,000 USD each to the Red Cross / Red Crescent and Save the Children.

Two devastating earthquakes hit south-eastern Türkiye, near the Syrian border on Monday February 6. Thousands have lost their lives and death toll is increasing.

Both organisations are moving quickly to respond to the emergency in the whole area affected by the catastrophe. The donations will for instance contribute to:

  • Efforts for children to access food, shelter and warm clothing to protect them against the weather elements
  • Supporting search and rescue operations
  • Providing first aid and performing emergency medical evacuations
  • Ambulance services and transportation to hospitals
  • Distribution of relief items, tents and blankets to evacuated people
  • Distribution of blood and plasma to the affected regions
  • Distribution of stocks of food and basic aid items such as tents and blankets
  • Psychological support and restoring family link services